Chow Chow Breed Effective Training

Chow Chows, or Chow, is a breed of dog that was first discovered in Mongolia about 4,000 years ago and was later introduced into China.  Chow Chow literally means “puffy-lion dog”.  Chows Chows are medium sized, very sturdy, and hairy, that looks like a small round bear.  This breed stands firmly on the ground with a compose, poised and dignified stature.

General traits and characteristics

The Chow has a very packed double coat that is either smooth or uneven.  Its hair is particularly thick around the neck, which gives a unique ruff or an appearance that looks like the mane of a lion.  Its coat may be one of five colors including red, black, blue, cinnamon/fawn and cream.  Chow Chow breed are famed by their unusual blue-black/purple tongue and very straight hind legs, resulting in a rather stiff posture.  Another distinctive characteristics feature is their curly tail.  It has a bulky hair and lays curled on its back.

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Chow Chow makes an outstanding watchdog, they are generally clean and easy to housebreak.  Very mannerly in the home and needs only reasonable amount of exercise. That is why it makes good pet. It has a strong sense of proprietorship over its home, combine with a sometimes disconcertingly serious approach to strangers, can be off putting to those unfamiliar with breed.

Chow breed are not particularly active, apartment life can suit them.  But it is still important that they are given enough physical activity each day on a regular basis.  As owners it is always advisable to take your chow chow for a brisk walk daily, fence yard is not enough for their mental and physical stimulation needs.  According to breeders Chow Chows have a low degree of working and obedience intelligence.  But owners believe that they just have a different type of intelligence.  Most of them are best in positive reinforcement methods of training specifically the “Clicker training”.  They are also an ordinary problem solver and will get bored easily with repetitive tasks.

Developing a Training plan with the Chow Chow Personality in Mind

Training your Chow breed should be relatively short and precise because as we’ve mentioned they will not take repetitive tasks. Always keep them engage, because they easily gets bored, if they are bored they will just walk away or will not take part.

When should Training Start?

It is best to start training chow as early as possible, 2 months would be a good way to start.  They are still young that time so give some basic and easy to understand tasks for them.  While Chow Chow is still young develop his good behavior immediately.

Basic Command Training

Use basic manner in training your chow but with heavy emphasis on socializing.  Start with the basic commands such as sit, stop and stay.  While doing this it is best to do this with a group of dog so are also encouraging your Chow Chow to socialize.  It order to successfully train a Chow Chow you need to vary your training pattern, be creative as Chow Chow breeds tend to recognize your training pattern if you always use it.

Here are the overall tips for your Chow Chow:

•    It is important to socialize your Chow Chow during its puppy stage.
•    You always need to show love and affection to your Chow or else it will be difficult to approach them when they are adult.
•    Socializing your Chow Chow will include handling him, petting, accustoming him to having his mouth and teeth touched.  Allow him to meet and play with other dogs, taking him to different places, introducing him to all family members and making him acquainted to them and to strangers.
•    Basically training Chow Chow breed means a lot of socializing and being creative.

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