Owning a dog is more than just having a pet, in many cases your dog will become a part of your family just like anyone else. If you are new to the dog world, you will quickly learn that dog ownership comes with many wonderful rewards and some added responsibility.  Dog training will become an essential part of teaching your dog how to properly behave, and teach you (the dog owner) how to control your dog and set boundaries.

Training your dog you will have to learn how to leash, potty, crate and command train your dog. All of these techniques are and integral part of your dogs success as a member of your family.  Having the proper information and resources make the training process much easier on you and the dog.

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Dog Obedience Problems

Xoloitzcuintli dog trainingGood obedience training results in your dog listening to and obeying specific commands.   There are several different methods utilized for obedience training but most experts agree positive reinforcement is the best approach with obedience training.

Positive reinforcement for obedience training is recommended as dogs tend to provide and repeat behaviors that provide a positive response and treat for performing which behavior.

Reinforcement of rules for obedience training is necessary.  Dogs like children tend to get confused when the rules frequently change.  Maintaining consistency in training program and consistently rewarding good behavior establishes the rules for the dog.

Establishing a routine schedule and being consistent with it is vital for optimal dog behavior.

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Every dog can learn when obedience training is provided and it will help them become better members of our homes and societies.   A dog that will listen, obey and respect their owner can be the result of consistency with obedience training and will deepen the relationship between dog and owner.

Obedience training will strengthen the bond between owner and dog. Obedience training may be just the way to obtain a dog that is enjoyable for you to be around as well as others.    Positive reinforcement for obedience training provides the dog with the necessary feedback to assure continued success with less effort and frustration.

Although there are multiple methods of obedience training for dogs it is highly suggested to incorporate positive reinforcement.

Dog Training Suggestions

Dog Training Suggestions is an advice, tip and information resource for dog owners and all of the potential challenges that they may face.  This website focuses on dog training and obedience training for all types of dogs. The site is continually updated with common (and not so common) dog behavior problems and how to correct them.  An array fo dog breeds is covered, alongside common dog training problems that arise with specific dog breeds.

This website contains information for people with new dogs and new puppies on how to handle them.  Finally, the website contains fair and unbiased reviews of the most popular dog training systems available.  If you find the information in this website useful, please pass it on to fellow dog owners to help aide them with dog training issues they may be facing. You can also spread the word about dogtrainingsuggestions.com by using the share links below.

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