10 Easy Ways to Train a Naughty Dog

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We have all heard the old cliche: there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner. Nevertheless, do not work yourself up over your pooch’s naughty behavior!Ways to Train a Naughty Dog.

It really takes time, patience, and learning a few basic training concepts to get your “naughty” dog to listen to and obey your commands.

Likewise, remember that what makes “naughty” is subjective, and it varies from owner to owner; some folks love their pups that they let them climb into bed with them.

Meanwhile, others see this as unacceptable. You must draw your own lines and reinforce them with patience, positivity, love, and kindness. Dogs aren’t doing these things to drive you up the wall or annoy you; if your canine pal is acting out, it is probably because he simply does not understand or grasp what you’re telling him to do.

Clarity and consistency are essential in showing your pooch the error of his ways.

Ways to Train a Naughty Dog

Ways to Train a Naughty Dog

Check For Health Issues

If you see your pup’s frequent soiling of the house or ignores your calls as naughty, you might be missing a medical issue. A dog who’s otherwise housetrained but still urinates or defecates inside your home might be suffering from a bladder issue or stomach upset, which prevents him from getting out in time.

Meanwhile, a pup who always ignores your calls might be going deaf. You may visit your veterinarian to rule out serious health issues so you can be sure that there’s nothing wrong with them health-wise.

Know Your Dog’s Language

Some dogs would do anything for a spoon of peanut butter, meanwhile, others will be going bananas if they think you’re going to let them fetch that ball.

Watch your dog when he’s playing and find out what motivates him. Afterwards, remove that source of delight to punish bad behavior, and give it to them when they show positive behavior.

Remove Temptation

Pups are habitual by nature. If your pup is fond of chewing your shoes, the initial thing to do is keep all shoes away. Yes, it will not instantly solve the underlying issue (like separation anxiety, among others), but it would lessen the amount of stress in your home.

The bottom line? Make it easy for your dog to do the proper thing because it is a good shortcut to positive behavior.

Use Distraction

Call his name or clap your hands loudly when you see your dog about to do something naughty. When he responds to your call, give him verbal praises. Disrupting negative behavioral patterns is a great way of curbing his naughtiness, like nuisance barking.

Ways to Train a Naughty Dog-Additional Tips

Always have a supply of treats handy. Treat every day as a dog school day when you have a naughty pooch. If you spot him planning to do something naughty, distract him promptly. When he responds, call his name and give him a treat.

He will not always respond, but every time he does, your praises and treats take him closer to understanding and mastering the recall command, which is arguably the most significant command for any pup.


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