American Bulldog Training

American Bulldog Training

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Do you want to develop a successful American Bulldog training program?   If so, you will need to carefully consider the American Bulldog characteristics.

American Bulldog Characteristics

  • Protective guarding instincts
  • Aggressive and Dominant
  • Herding Instincts
  • Intelligent
  • Energetic

Understanding these characteristics of the American Bulldog and developing a training program accordingly will provide the optimal training experience for both dog and trainer.

Due to the protective guarding instincts the American Bulldog has a need for socialization during the puppy stage. It is also important that a fair but firm hand be used when during American Bulldog training.  Providing exposure to multiple people, pets, and different situations both indoors and outdoors provides for needed socialization.  Without this early socialization the American Bulldog may become guarded and even aggressive with strangers and other animals. Obedience training at an early age is highly recommended to assure control is maintained around other people and pets.

Learn how to train your American Bulldog

Persistence is important during housebreaking the American bulldog.   Taking the time to train and develop interaction with your American Bulldog is very important.  Establishing who the boss is will be vital to a successful dog training program.

Initially the American Bulldog was used as guard dogs and herding making them very protective and loyal.  American Bulldog training including early socialization will reduce the tendency of chasing small animals as a result of the herding instinct.

Crate and Leash Training

Crate training can make the task of house training much easier.  The crate should be a cozy comfortable sleeping place for your American Bulldog.

Placing toys, food, and water in the crate is also essential.   This will provide a strong sense of security for your dog and the dog will not want to mess up his sleeping, eating, and playing spot.

The American Bulldog is a powerful muscular dog making it imperative that leash training be included in American Bulldog training before the dog is grown.   If your dog begins to pull on the leash it is recommended that you stop and go the opposite direction.   When your dog stops pulling away provide a treat as a reward for walking with you in a cooperative manner.   Due to the amount of activity the America Bulldog requires it is important to provide leash training.

Capitalize on the American Bulldog’s Intelligence

Teaching your dog simple commands such as sit, down, stay, and heel will probably be easy due to the intelligence of the American Bulldog.   Using rewards as a positive reinforcement when teaching new commands during American Bulldog training can provide for very successful obedience command training.

Patience and time are both important for a successful training program for the American Bulldog. The American Bulldog requires a person with a firm but fair approach rather than a meek individual. The American Bulldog can be a great companion and guard dog with the proper American Bulldog training.

Recommended Tools that Helps

Dog Wireless Pet Containment System

Patented compact wifi radio transmitter and receiver collar. The product comes with an anti-over shocking design that will only shock your dog for a defined time.

Bulldog Grade Harness

Reflective dog harness that custom fits depending upon the size of your American Bulldog. Made with a thin, but extra durable oxford cloth/mesh combination.

American Kennel Club Pet Training and Puppy Pads

Quick drying gel to provide immediate absorption to preventing tracking and leaking. It has antibacterial agents that prevents unwanted odor. 

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