How to Train a PUPPY to STOP BITING

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Pups have a really sharp set of teeth, which they sometimes don’t know how to use well. If you have been on the unfortunate receiving end of a puppy bite, you know how bad they could hurt. Train a PUPPY to STOP BITING- Nevertheless, your pup does not intentionally bite you to inflict pain on you. What begins as a game could suddenly become a painful playtime. Thus, it would be best to help keep bonding time with your pup fun, and teach them to play without anyone getting hurt, with these handy tips.



Why Do Pups Bite?

Let us first look into why pups like to use their teeth. Just like human babies, pups explore their environment and surroundings by mouthing stuff they encounter. What this means is that everything goes straight into their tiny mouth, whether it is food or not – like human fingers, toes, hands, and feet!

Puppies likewise enjoy playing rough with their littermates. This involves playtime with lots of biting and mouthing. Initially, the young puppies have no teeth yet, so mouthing does not hurt. As their milk teeth start coming in, biting becomes painful, but the puppies could usually take this rough play, since they have thick skins.  As they grow and gain strength, the biting begins to hurt more and the puppies might squeal when they get bitten. This usually makes the biting puppy back off. Their mom might also tell her puppies off when she gets nipped, too.

Is Rough-housing Okay?

A lot of pet owners like rough-housing, which is playing in a very energetic and physical way with their pups. This behavior usually starts to become a lot less fun as your canine pal’s adult teeth come in. Moreover, it could also be unsafe for people whose skin might be more fragile, like young kids or the elderly. It could be tricky for a pup to stop his energetic behavior, even when his owner doesn’t want to play anymore.

It is never okay for your puppies’ teeth to bite human flesh. Hence, this instinctive behavior should be redirected towards chew toys.

Your puppy should understand how they should behave when they come to live with you, and this also involves how they play with you.

Discourage the Behavior

Puppies might try to challenge you with rapid, repeated, or aggressive and painful biting. If you lash out or become angry, your pup would see it as an effective way to lure you into playtime. Stay calm and don’t retaliate. Also, don’t hesitate to show that your pup’s bites hurt you. You could sometimes even make a show of exaggerating the pain you’ve felt from his bite to discourage his naughty behavior.

What if My Puppy Still Bites?

It is inevitable that your puppy would use their teeth on you at least once in your life together. However, keep in mind that this is just your pup’s way of discovering their world, getting your attention, or having fun. Carry on training your pup to behave and play in a proper manner. If your puppy continues to play inappropriately rough or continues with the biting behavior, it might be best to seek professional help.

Source: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

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