How to Train your Puppy 6 Tricks in 1 Day!

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How to Train your Puppy. A lot of people cannot imagine life without the company of dogs. We adore them for their unconditional affection, loyalty, playfulness, and zest for life. Nonetheless, people and dogs are very different species.

Even though they are officially “man’s best buddy,” dogs still have some innocent yet annoying tendencies-like barking, chewing, and jumping up to greet-that could make it a bit difficult to live harmoniously with them!

To enjoy your special bond with your pup, you would need to teach him some skills to help him live pleasantly in a human household.

How to Train your Puppy

How to Train your Puppy

Knowing how to train your puppy buddy would significantly improve his life and yours, improve the bond between both of you, and guarantee his safety-and it could be loads of fun. Dogs are oftentimes eager and excited to learn, and the secret ingredient to success is excellent communication. Your pup has to know and understand how you like him to behave and why it is in his best interest to obey your house rules.

Training Tips

When you’ve already decided on the new skills you would like to teach your pup, you are now ready to begin training. To make the most of her learning potential, and to ensure that both of you enjoy the training sessions, take note of these tips:

Keep Training Sessions Short and Sweet

Like children, dogs do not have very long attention spans. There is no strict rule when it comes to training duration, but an ideal training session should only last at least 15 minutes or less.

Quit While You Are Ahead

Finish training periods on a good note, and make sure to stop before your dog (or you) gets tired, frustrated, or bored.

Take Baby Steps

Dogs learn best when unfamiliar tasks are learned by small steps. Keep in mind that in teaching your pup a new skill, start with a very easy first step and gradually make it difficult. By systematically training and slowly increasing difficulty, you will help your pup learn more effectively in the long run.

A lot of the skills we teach our dogs are complex for their understanding. You would both get tired and frustrated if you’d try to teach him various parts of a complex trick at the same time. It would be best if you started with just a part of the skill and slowly add another part once your dog mastered the first part.

Use Good Rewards

Make sure to reward your pup with treats he truly finds rewarding and satisfying. Also, bear in mind that what your pup considers gratifying at any given time might change. If he has just eaten a huge meal, a tummy rub, a scratch behind the ears, or even a game of tug may be most rewarding. On the other hand, if he has not eaten in a while, he would probably love some round of tasty treats.

Always Be Patient

How to Train your Puppy will really take time, patience, and effort. Nevertheless, it could be a lot of fun for you and your dog. With persistence, patience, and some treats, you and your canine best friend could achieve great things. And all your hard work would indeed pay off.

Source: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

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