Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler Training

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Rottweiler Training, is it hard?

The Rottweiler is an arguably talented dog. When treated with care and respect regularly, they are trained very easily. He is strong yet gentle. His chunky build may make him like a bully, but he actually has a good and loving heart.

The Rottweiler can give a lot of playful times with his owners.


The Rottweiler is actually aloof with strangers or in new conditions, contrary to the misconceptions that exist about this dog breed.

It is of utmost importance that the Rottweiler selected for a pet has been well-bred. A dog that has not been properly trained or has assumed an “alpha” role can cause some trouble for its owner.


Selecting Rottweiler and then training it well is of great importance. Failure to do this can be tragic, and even poses the risk of the breed being banned from a whole city. This is a direct result of improper breeding and poor socialization that has happened.

The Rottweiler is a rather dominant breed and needs to be trained for obedience and respect for its owners.

Socialization, while training, is vital in allowing the Rotty to become accustomed to people, other pets, and new situations.

To develop a harmonious relationship with the dog, basic commands must be done on a regular basis, which also includes leash training.

Rottweilers shouldn’t be left alone in back yards chained or confined; this will cause the dog to become aggressive and very territorial. Teasing or taunting the dog shouldn’t be allowed.


Standing between 21 and 28 inches tall and weighing up to 135 pounds, the Rottweiler is a breed that’s easy to recognize.

He is a very muscular dog with wavy black coat and brown patches on his chest, muzzle, and paws. While some owners choose to dock their Rottweiler’s tail, others leave it long. This dog has round eyes, floppy ears, and an expressive face.

The Rottweiler’s coat can come in four color combinations, namely:

• Black

• Tan

• Blue

• Mahogany


The Rottweiler is quite easy to groom, but he will shed, notably, during seasonal changes. Getting into the routine of grooming your puppy at least twice a week will dramatically reduce the amount of dog hair on you and around your home.

These dogs don’t normally smell, but they will benefit from a bath every other month or so unless they’ve rolled in something smelly! Begin nail clipping early so that your adult dog would tolerate this needed monthly nail maintenance.

Exercise Requirements

As large, muscular, and powerful dogs, a bored Rotty can cause disaster to your backyard. Thus, enough exercise and training are very important to prevent destructive behaviors. Rottweilers love to play and run, so a good run is very helpful, as too, a brisk walk twice daily.

They tend to put on additional weight, so care needs to be taken, especially when it comes to exercise during the cold winter months. They really need a routine and proper training, so bear this in mind when considering this breed.


This breed is known for its impressive intelligence levels, making it a delight to train and work alongside. A well-bred Rottweiler will be calm and intelligent with an ideal temperament. Nevertheless, it is important to look for a good breeder.

They also need an educated and experienced owner to make sure that these beautiful puppies grow into well-behaved dogs.

Family Friendly

Rottweilers are innately protective of their loving owners. Moreover, when bred, trained, and socialized properly, the breed is known for being a great family dog. They are affectionate and make great family pets.

As with all breeds, socialization is an important factor in how your dog will react to life in a busy household.

Rottweilers that have grown-up in a home full of loud kids, running cats, and even other pets would tolerate and love them. However, if they have not been socialized well with children or other pets, it can cause some serious problems.

Training Tips

•    Establish yourself as the leader or the “alpha dog”.

•    Make your dog earn their treat

•    Teach the command “Drop it.”

•    Give time for leash-free play before training.


A few tips to training your dog that you are the leader include turning your Rottweiler onto his back as this gesture in itself puts the dog in a submissive stance. Praise him for letting you do this.

The leader also controls the food, so establish yourself as his leader by taking his food away for a few seconds and then giving it back to him.

If your dog gazes at you, continue to stare at him until he looks away from you. The one who breaks the gaze or stares first becomes the submissive one. Keep in mind that you are asserting your leadership as the “alpha dog.”

Only give rewards or treats to you Rottweiler when they’ve earned it. This will stop your dog from thinking he can have whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

Teaching your dog the command “drop it” will provide safety to your dog. These dogs are innately curious and may pick up something that could harm them. Through this command, you can achieve a quick response from your Rottweiler even when you are away from him.

Before this training session, allow an hour of leash-free play. Your dog will be ready to pay attention during the training session.

Consistency in training would be most beneficial when your Rottweiler is stubborn with unacceptable behavior. When your dog starts to jump on the furniture, and you say “no,” he will often stop and then a while later will try again to jump on the future. If you consistently keep saying “no,” they will eventually stop.

The testing of the owner by the Rotty may continue for up to 2 years but if you’re consistent, they’ll eventually learn and it will not happen as often.

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