Stop Dog Aggression

Stop Dog Aggression

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Contrary to some opinions dog aggression can occur with any dog breed.  Dog ownership and dog behavior have more to do with aggressiveness in dogs than other thing.  It is important to now how to stop dog aggression.

Number one thing to remember is if you abuse or mistreat your dog it stands a good chance of becoming aggressive.

The following are some tips to prevent dog aggressiveness with children

  • Do not allow children to push or shove the dog even in a playful manner
  • Do not touch the dog’s paws or tail.
  • Do not play tug of war or other similar games with the dog
  • Do not use commands of attack.  Remember if your dog had a previous owner you do not always know what commands they have been taught.
  • Avoid eye contact with the dog.  The dog can see this as a challenge.

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It is the responsibility of the owner of a dog to control their dog in situations where the dog may demonstrate aggressive behavior or defensive behavior by the following

  • Owner should take control of the situation
  • Give the dog space to settle down reminding the dog there is no reason to show aggression
  • Reward your dog when he demonstrates control from becoming aggressive in challenging situations.

The Why of Dog Aggression

Reasons for aggression varies from dog to dog and will also change from the puppy stage up through adult age dogs.

Dogs the same as humans sometimes become less patient as they get older. The older dog can frequently become snappy and less tolerant of younger dogs.  This is often due to the fact the dog gets tired easier as he ages.

A more intense aggressiveness can occur in situations where a dog is abused or neglected.  Knowing your dogs history can a provide an insight often to why he may have a tendency to show traits of aggression.

Some medical condition can also affect the degree of your dog’s aggression.   If your dog is in a lot of pain and discomfort from arthritis he will probably be less tolerant of what is happening in the area he is at and he may try to takes this out on other dogs or humans.

It is important to remember your dog is a member of your family and he will look to you for reassurance and care.

Tools to Prevent Dog Aggression

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