Stop Dog Chewing

Stop Dog Chewing

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Is your pooch a little Chewbacca?

Stop Dog Chewing. In other words, they chew everything, from your favorite pair of shoes to the lovely pillows you just got at Target to the new side table that just got delivered by Amazon.

There would be several items that you need to watch out for and keep, especially if your dog was showing excessive chewing, to save those things from a very unfortunate end between your dog’s jaws.

What is He Chewing?

Is it chairs, cushions, socks, shoes, or maybe even your feet?

For some things, an easy move, (if your puppy is young and still having behavioral problems), maybe just removing the items before he learns better behavior.

There are also safe and non-toxic items available for spraying bitter material onto items to prevent chewing. This can be used on his feet and even his ears. This really bad taste would typically be all it takes to keep your dog from going back to chewing on that object for a second time.

What is Causing Your Dog to Chew?

For puppies, it isn’t difficult to pinpoint the causes of chewing. A puppy cutting teeth would need something to chew on as their teeth come through. A simple solution for this is to offer a treat or toy made for a puppy teething.

Place the toy for a few hours in the fridge, and then give it to the puppy for the best results. It is a win-win situation, as it will ease teething pain and serve as a substitute for chewing on stuff you do not want the pup to chew on.

There is almost always a simple solution to this problem, but it won’t be that easy every time.

Chewing Triggers

Potential chewing triggers include:-

· Isolation;

· Boredom;  or

· Tension

Each dog requires a certain amount of attention, much like a child. Often, if neglected, akin to a child, the dog will do things to get attention, or if he doesn’t get enough contact and physical activity, he will cause mayhem and get into trouble.

When is Your Dog Chewing?

If your dog chews when he’s left alone or when you’re not around to play, try to let your dog spend time outside on a leash or in a position that he can’t reach the stuff he’s been chewing on, but bring a toy that he can chew on to keep him occupied.

You can always give your dog a treat to chew. One that works particularly well is a chew treat with a special indoor treat, like peanut butter, which he will have to chew on for a while to get the treat inside.

How to NOT Punish your Dog for Chewing

It’s not just exasperating when the dog chews on basically everything he could get his paws on. It can also be very risky, especially if your pooch has a nibbling habit on electrical cables or has the tendency to swallow the stuff they chew up.

Bits and pieces from clothing, shoes, or wood can cause many serious problems, such as blockages or intestinal perforation.

So, it’s best to keep dogs from chewing, for both their well-being and your own peace of mind. Negative punishments, including spanking or beating your dog, could only escalate matters and make your pooch even more destructive.

Alternatively, punish the dog by scolding them for chewing, and confiscating whatever they were nibbling on. Offering toys or chewing therapies as a substitute that will keep them busy for hours on end. This will encourage your dog to chew only on what they are supposed to do and help them to fulfill their desire to gnaw on something.

When I Leave the House – Why Does My Dog Chew Things?

Does this sound familiar?

Each time you go to work, you return to feathery remnants of pillows, gnawed table legs, or your favorite pair of heels destroyed by bite marks. Almost every dog owner has been where you are. And each of us gave up on being angry as soon we saw their cute guilty faces, too.

However, it’s not just annoying to have your dog chewing on your things while you’re gone. It could be a symptom of a more severe problem because the dog suffers from anxiety over the separation. If left alone, dogs that are anxious or upset are more likely to chew furniture or shoes as a way to relieve anxiety.

If you suspect separation anxiety, the initial thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with your vet. They can help you know and determine if it is separation anxiety or another issue.

How Do I Get My Dog Stop Chewing?

As I mentioned earlier, there are different reasons why dogs chew anything, and hence different methods to stop dogs chewing.

If your dog chews on wood trims, nibbles dirty socks, or phone chargers, they’re highly likely bored. Your beloved pup is active and energetic and if that energy is not used well, it is diverted to patterns of destructive behavior.

Here’s how you can stop a bored dog from chewing:-

• Daily exercise helps to relax the dog and likewise offers mental stimulation. If your dog chews on the carpet when bored – a bit of physical exercise will help them steer clear of your precious rug!

• Engaging playtime, whether outside or indoors, uses excess energy and fills the need for companionship for your little furball. Then they won’t need to munch on your feet!

Here’s how you can assist your dog if it is worried about separation and starts to chew as soon as you leave the house:-

• Use a pet camera to track their actions remotely while you’re away and deter them from harmful behaviors.

• Make sure your dog has a safe place. It might be a crate, a cozy room corner, or an indoor doghouse. The decision is yours, though your dog would enjoy it as long as it’s a place where they can seek comfort and safety while alone.

Having the right supplies will, of course, make the whole process much easier for both parties.

Helpful tools to stop dog chewing

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Stop Dog Chewing

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