Stop Dog Digging

Can a dog be stopped from digging? Why does a dog dig? Learn how to stop a dog from digging. There are some common causes and solutions for dogs that dig.

Common mistakes of dog owners when training their dog to not dig 

  • Correcting the dog for digging a while after the event occurred
  • Yelling at your dog as punishment for digging.

Causes for digging 

  • Dogs learn quickly that digging provides exposure to cool moist dirt which is the summertime keeps the dog cool.
  • Dogs dig for bones
  • Dogs dig due to boredom

Providing your dog plenty of shade and cool water to drink may reduce his tendency to dig. You can also provide you dog a small splash pool if you have a dog which enjoys the water.

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The habit of hiding their treasure including bones in the ground dates back the dog days of the wolf pack. Dogs do not have to hunt for their food any longer; but the basic instinct to bury their left over food still exists. To accommodate this basic instinct rather than to continually challenging it, you just might consider providing a place for buried treasures.

A dog having to spend a lot of time alone while you work or are gone from home will tend to exhibit habits such as digging simply due to boredom.

Ways to prevent boredom

  • Exercise
  • Schedule visitors for your dog while you are away
  • Hire a dog sitter
  • Have a daily routine of training for your dog
  • Provide toys ad games for your dog to play with which provide mind stimulation

Access prevention

A dog that can not access the yard will not dig in the yard. This is a pretty drastic measure but it does work. If you use this method you should schedule to spend extra time outdoors with your dog for adequate exercise and exploration without digging.

How to stop your dog fro digging in inappropriate areas

  • Place small rocks scattered throughout the area you do not want your dog to go.
  • Place ground pepper in the area you want to restrict your dog from
  • For gardens place wire mesh such as chicken wire around plants.
  • Place wire mesh under the ground where you do not want your dog to dig
  • A very effective method is to place pieces of the dog’s poop in the areas you do not want him to dig. You can place a piece of poop in a hole your dog has started and he will not go back and dig to finish the hole.

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