Stop Dog Howling

Stop Dog Howling

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Why do Dogs Howl – And How can I Stop It?

Whether at home or on the internet, we’ve all seen a dog throwing his head back to let out a long howl. Howling is a way for dogs to interact.  For your neighbors, however, a howling dog can be annoying.  This act can bring laughter and joy to humans around the dogs. It can also cause annoyance and irritation if the howling goes on for too long. It is in your best concern, and your dogs’ as well when they learned how to stop howling.

Let Me Sing You the Song of My People

Although howling may seem like an effective tool for a dog with a desire to express something, the use of howling to communicate with you is not always seen as appropriate; howling can be distracting on a suburban backyard, or inside an apartment that is close to other residents.

It can disturb your sleep, or simply be unpleasant and bothersome in general. While puppies can howl during their younger years, if not treated, the issue will sometimes continue until adulthood.

Start Training as a Puppy

It can be much easier to teach a puppy to avoid howling early than an older dog who has been howling for years. But howling can also be a symptom of a bigger problem for dogs of any age, such as anxiety, territorial behavior, or an injury that needs to be taken care of.

Once you can rule out the possibility of it being another problem that needs you to address it first, and reach the conclusion that your dog is just howling just to howl, you can find a method of correcting the excessive noise-making.


To understand the basics, we should look at wolves. There are sometimes underlying issues that might be involved. Your dog can howl about issues like:

· Medical issues

· Learned attention behavior

· Separation anxiety

Are you worried that your dog will get upset when you leave home? Howling is a really common symptom of dog separation anxiety. This is typically followed by other symptoms of anxiety, such as:

· Depression

· Panting

· Pacing

· Destruction of furniture or property

One option you can rule out is the illness or injury that could be causing your dog’s howling. If your dog has undergone internal or external injury, they can react to howl for long periods of time. Bring your dog to the veterinarian to have a thorough examination of them if you suspect a health problem.

On the other hand, it is also plausible that your dog is howling because they found out that it’s a good way to get your attention. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of videos of dog owners prompting their pets to howl for the camera.

Dog Breeds

While all dogs are the relatives of wolves, several breeds are more likely to howl. When choosing the breed to take home, it is important to be aware of this, since some dogs obviously desire to howl more than others.


Huskies are famous for their howling tendencies. Huskie owners will tell you they enjoy singing it loud and proudly through the street to the stars, music, or a passing siren. Get a pack of huskies, and they will howl to create a beautiful yet haunting sound of dogs howling in unison.


Likewise, Labradors are known to belt out a howl every now and then. Although howling is not as much a thing in Labradors as it is for Huskies, your labrador puppy may grow up to be a regular howler.

Puppy howling is a common trait to be found in all breeds. Puppies were known to let out howls when alone or nervous about alerting the family of their location. This allows mum to spot and bring them back to safety quickly.

Although some breeds are more likely to howl, there are some ways of controlling this behavior.

Understand Why Your Dog is Howling

Sick or Hurt

Dogs can sometimes howl when they are sick or hurt. If your dog howls more than usual, you might need to make an appointment to have the dog checked out with your veterinarian.


If it sounds like another dog howling or a siren causes your dog’s howling, it will more than likely stop when the sound ceases.  This form of howling is not an issue unless the sound of the trigger frequently happens.  If required, you can use systemic therapy for desensitization and counter-conditioning, which can be successful as a treatment.  Those therapies usually work together.

To Get Attention

Normally, if your dog howls to get your attention, he will do so when you are around.  The best approach is to just ignore the howling.  When your dog becomes quiet, then and only then pay attention to him.  Give him a snack, a special treat, or just spend time with him and encourage him to be quiet.

STOP Your Dog from Howling

You can teach the dog to be silent by getting him to bark or howl first and then telling him to be quiet. Give him a treat once he is quiet.   Repeat the process over and over again.   As you continue to repeat, it stretches the time between silence and treats. Your dog will know the reward for being quiet after doing so for a while.

Play with your Dog

The dog could howl because he is lonely, and he wants some social time.   Spend time playing with your dog.  He will be satisfied and will eventually not feel like he has to make noise to get your attention. He’ll be a much happier dog, and at the same time, you’ll have more quiet time and happy neighbors.   Dogs are very friendly and would like to spend some time with their owners. Taking these steps, your dog will quit howling in just a short time.


There are many reasons why your faithful dogs howl. It depends on a number of factors, such as:

· Learned behavior

· Breed behavior

· Communication

· Medical issues

· Separation anxiety

Sometimes dogs just want to interact when they hear a siren or some other dog howl. They are genetically programmed to this action if they belong to a certain breed, like huskies or hounds.


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