Stop Dog Jumping

Stop Dog Jumping

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A dog jumping up on someone can bring fear and surprise to an individual.   Perhaps you have experienced your dog jumping on someone and when you tell him to stop or go down the dog just will not listen to your command.   What should you do?

It is not really that difficult to get your dog to stop jumping up on people.  With consistent training and knowledge anyone can teach a dog to stop jumping.

Things you should know

Why do dogs jump anyway?  There are mainly three causes for dogs jumping.

1. To display dominance.

Whether it’s jumping on people or jumping on furniture, both instances illustrate a dog   that wants to exert his dominance.  It positions him as the Alpha dog or pack leader. Remember a dominant dog is harder to train and tends to become display aggression.

2. To welcome people.

Dogs recognize each other by smelling scent glands around their faces.  When they transfer this trait to humans who are much taller, it creates the need for them to jump up higher.

3. They have been rewarded in some way for this same behavior in the past.

Perhaps the owner has expressed a welcome for this kind of behavior noting the dog’s excitement to see them.  Or perhaps the dog jumped up when the owner walked in the door and immediately the owner took the dog for a walk.  The dog just thought he was rewarded for jumping and maybe it was simply time for a walk.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Do not let your dog make a big deal out of your arrival home. Generally it is best not to greet your dog for 15 minutes after arriving home. When a visitor comes to your home wait 15 minutes to introduce your dog if you even do at all.

Stoop down or sit down to greet your dog on his level! This simply removes the need for his jumping.   If he does jump use the command “OFF” Use this command until he is not jumping and obeying the command.

Do not rough play. That is no tug or war or wrestling games

Use the command “Sit”. The most basic command of all is very important.  If your dog understands the sit command he probably will never jump at all.

Teach the “off” command. This training should start when your dog is a puppy.

It is vital that your dog understands all family members and visitors as well are above his rank.  Everyone using the off command should get a quick response of obedience by the dog.

It is of utmost importance that a dog be taught the proper way to greet visitors and family members.  The dog must learn how to stop jumping on people and furniture.

Tools to Consider

Doggie Don't Device - Handheld Dog Repellent

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MODUS Anti Barking Device

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