Tips for Effectively Grooming Your Dog at Home

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Grooming your dog at home. Consistent grooming is crucial for all dogs, regardless of the breed. It helps them keep a tangle-free shiny coat and gives their owner the opportunity to check for skin issues and parasite infestations, thus improving their general health through good hygiene. Also, grooming could be a one-on-one bonding activity for you and your pup.

These tips would help you establish a grooming routine with your pet at home.

Grooming Your Dog at Home
Grooming your dog at home

No matter which breed of dog you have, he would need a good dog brush and frequent brushing to maintain his shiny and glossy coat. If you are wondering how much brushing your dog needs, longhaired breeds like collies and golden retrievers would need more frequent brushing, while shorthaired dogs like Labradors or greyhounds just need a good brushing at least every other week.

Trim Your Dog’s Hair Carefully

A lot of dog owners would rather take their dogs to a dog groomer to have their hair trimmed. Nevertheless, if you do it carefully, you could cut overgrown fur around your dog’s paws or eyes in between grooming sessions. You would have to wait until your pup is calm and ideally lying down. Move calmly and slowly, and be extra careful when the trimmer blades are near his skin. Ensure that you’ll praise and give your dog rewards for his patience and obedience while you trimmed his hair.

Safely Trim Your Pup’s Nails

You can trim your pup’s nails when you could already hear them clicking on the floors in your house. This would prevent your pup from experiencing inconvenience and discomfort from long nails.

Train Your Pup to Enjoy Grooming Sessions

Train Your Pup to Enjoy Grooming Sessions

A lot of dogs, particularly puppies, need positive reinforcement and encouragement when you first start a grooming routine with them.

These tricks would help the first grooming sessions at home go smoothly and easily:

Spread a little peanut butter on a washable surface and let your puppy lick it off while you wash or brush it.

Give a lot of praise and treats so your puppy would look forward to his next grooming session.

Before bathing your pup, place a slip-proof mat inside the tub to help avoid your dog from sliding around.

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