Tips to Help You with Your Weimaraner’s Puppy Training

10 Tips To Help You For Your Weimaraner’s Puppy Training

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Weimaraners Puppy Training. Weimaraners aren’t the dog breed for everyone! This breed has a great deal of stamina as well as energy, and they need a lot of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Without it, they’re likely to become high-strung and nervous. They could be quite a handful, with lots of energy to burn, and the smarts to know how to get into trouble all on their own!

Weimaraners Puppy Training-Knowing Weimaraners

Because they are hunting dogs, Weimaraners have a strong prey instinct. If not trained well or kept under control, they will chase and possibly attack anything that looks like prey, including cats and small dogs, birds, mice, frogs, and a lot more. Then they will proudly present you with their trophy.

Strong Hunting Instincts

Despite their hunting instincts, Weims are house dogs ( just like most dogs). They are temperamentally unsuited to being kept in a kennel or the backyard with very little interaction with the family.

Weimaraners are independent thinkers, and they will constantly test your limits. If you have not owned a Weim before, you will do well to attend puppy kindergarten, followed by an obedience class. Training should be firm but gentle because harsh treatment will make your dog resentful.

Once he’s trained, the Weimaraner is a very versatile dog who can be a fine family friend, an up-close-and-personal hunting companion or compete in agility sport.

Caring for Your Weims

The first thing to note about the Weimaraner is that he is a housedog. He’s not meant for backyard or kennel life, and he’s not suited to apartment living. This highly active dog needs a wide, securely fenced yard where he can run, and a family who can provide him with the mental stimulation and exercise he needs.

A sense of humor is helpful as well, especially when you see how your dog has landscaped your yard in his efforts to rid it of moles, mice, and bugs. He’ll be proud of himself for his efforts, so don’t forget to praise him as you total in your head how much money, time, and effort it will need to put the yard back the way you like it.

You might want to watch him more closely and provide him with extra exercise so he can channel his energy elsewhere.

Weims need a couple of hours of exercise every day if you want to avoid recreational barking, chewing, and unnecessary digging! Play fetch and other running games, take him hiking or jogging, teach him to run alongside your bicycle, or even get him involved in a dog sport such as agility or flyball. Likewise, you can always take him hunting.

Weimaraners Puppy Training – Advanced Level of Intelligence

First thing first, get to know your pup.

This breed is one that is innately smart and has been coined with the title “the dog with a human brain,” indicating their advanced level of intelligence. Nevertheless, he must undergo basic levels of training, just like other breeds of dogs.

10 Successful Weimaraner’s Puppy Training Tips:

Simple one-word command will be good for the Weimaraners as it will be easier for them to remember. They don’t learn about something that happened before; they learn in the present tense and command them only once, so they won’t think that you need to be repetitive before they obey you.

Have a Routine

1) Don’t confuse your Weimaraner; it’s better for them to have a routine, or being consistent on what he knows is bad and good.

Correct Mistakes Immediately

2) Always be ALERT. Once he commits a mistake, correct it immediately.  You’ll only have a few seconds to reprimand your Weimaraner for them to remember the lesson well.

Rewards Work Well

3) A good way for your dog to know that’s he is doing good is by giving a treat. Immediately reward him as soon he obeys your command or did something good.

Tone of Voice – Critical

4) Always use the appropriate tone of voice when praising or correcting your Weimaraner.  Smile when praising him so he can sense a happy tone. Likewise, be firm when correcting your Weimaraner.

Expand Puppy’s Intelligence

5) Since this breed of dog is highly intelligent, during your Weimaraner puppy training, do some activities that will boost these traits. Make an obstacle course and make him run through it, aside from the exercise he is getting; this also improves his agility and enhances his intelligence.

Aoid Puppy Being Needy

6) Make sure he sleeps in his own bed as early as possible, there will be a point that he will be needy, so when that time comes, it won’t be difficult for you to command them to sleep on their own bed.

Benefits of Introducing a Crate

7) Get your Weim a crate as early as possible, so your pup will get used to sleeping and staying in his own crate. This will also help you deal with the separation anxiety of your Weimaraner.

Overcoming Separation Anxiety

8) Have your dog see you put your shoes and clothes on and then leave immediately. Then make the other preparation you do before leaving with your dog by your side, but this time, don’t leave immediately.  A Weimaraner knows when their master is leaving. By doing this, it will reduce their separation anxiety and will be easy for you to leave without them barking or getting your attention.

Abuse ‘v’ Love

9) And lastly, never hurt your Weimaraner for them to obey you.  Physical abuse will instill fear and might lead to your dog’s aggressive behavior.  The more you show them your love, the more they will listen and obey you.

Understand You Dog’s Needs

10) Understanding your dog is very crucial; in that way, you can immediately provide them with their needs.

The Bottom Line:

Training Weimaraner pup starts with the right training plan and method.  Set your rules and determine what you expect from your Weimaraner before you begin training so that you could be consistent.  These pups are smart and eager to please, so a little love and patience, and a few Weimaraner training tips will go a very long way with this breed.

Take great care of your puppy, and he will grow into the wonderful dog you know he could be, mostly free of health concerns, separation anxiety, and other issues.

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Tips to Help You with Your Weimaraner’s Puppy Training

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