Weimaraner Training

Weimaraner Training

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Weimaraner Training. The Weimaraner is a natural hunting dog with hunting skills to locate, track, point and retrieve birds and other small sized prey of the hunt.  They have historically been bred for large game hunting as well.

They are devoted loving pets.  They are quick learners and coupled with their eagerness to please provide for a rewarding training experience.

The Weimmaraner is known to be a big and bold dog.   They require time, attention and space.   They are always looking for some type of activity.  The untrained Weimaraner who has not been taught how to behave or what to do will assuredly behave in a wrong and inappropriate manner.

On the other hand the Weimaraner that has been trained properly will exhibit good behavior of a regal fashion even referred to as an accomplishment of canine genetic art.

Training the Weimaraner basic commands, potty training and even some tricks to fetch, shake paws, is relatively easy.

Weimaraner Training – Tips

  • Socialization
  • Exercise
  • Companionship
  • Interaction
  • Playful

Socialization must be started at a very young age and should be continued for 3-4 months.   During this socialization period the dog should be have the opportunity to meet a lot of people of all ages and various animals of various ages and breeds.

This initial but thorough socialization can prevent aggression at a later time.

These dogs are high energy hunting dogs.  They can and need to walk for long distances.  Spending time in play and interactive games will keep hyperactivity at bay.

If you provide sufficient exercise for your Weimaraner he will be better able to be compliant to your commands.  They truly have a lot of energy to work off.  Additional physical activities for you to consider for your dog include

  • Hiking with your dog
  • Bicycling with your dog running beside the bike
  • Jogging with you
  • Competitions for agility

These stimulating physical activities will actually stimulate the mental faculties of your dog as well.

This dog thrives on companionship and interaction.   Interaction which is coupled with physical exercise is optimal such as a hearty game of tug of war.   These activities will also help your dog adjust to being alone, for a short period of time, reducing the chance for separation disorder problems.

Obedience Training

Obedience training should be at minimum taken to the intermediate level.   This challenge of the mind will be enjoyed by your dog and will also provide time to develop a really strong bond with you.

The stronger the bond the stronger the trust and also you will have the added benefit of a highly obedient well trained dog.  A well trained Weimaraner can be successful in competition and has the ability to receive high honors in class for obedience as a result of the willingness to please and high IQ.

An excellent interactive play and training tool for these dogs is a ball thrower.   You can enjoy allowing your dog to get a lot of exercise running after the balls while you have to do very little to be involved in an interactive way with your dog.

As long as a ball is being thrown you dog will continue to fetch enjoying every moment of it.

The training requirements for the Weimaraner can be very exhausting for the trainer.  You will want to take advantages of short cuts for yourself as described above with a ball thrower, bicycling, etc to keep pace somewhat with your dog’s energy and needs.

You dog requires your active attention not passive attention of sitting on your lap or in a corning while you simply pat him on the heard.   He needs and must have interactive physical activity.

If you dog is deprived of outdoor high energy activities he will become frustrated and rambunctious indoors.

Bottom line obedience training is a must for your dog and you will find great success in providing this training as you begin command training.   Your dog has the ability to exceed your expectations especially in regard to some tricks that other types of dogs may never master.

Crate Training

Crate training is valuable and also a must when training the Weimaraner dog.   This will be needed for potty training and also to prevent damage to your furniture from chewing by the puppy.

Following these training guidelines and providing sufficient interactive play and exercise will result in successful Weimaraner dog training.

Training Tools

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Weimaraner Training

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