What to Do When You Regret Getting A Puppy or Dog

Getting a puppy

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Many people don’t think that they’ll regret getting a puppy. Instead, they think it’s going to be an amazing experience. They think they’ll have the most perfect pet in the world and their lives will never be complete without them.

While this is true for some people, there are others who regret getting a puppy because of how difficult owning one can be. For these few individuals, the cost may outweigh any benefits they receive from having a pet at home.

Getting A Puppy

The Joy of Getting a New Pet

Puppies and dogs are adorable, cuddly creatures that many people desire to share their life with. The excitement of bringing home a new friend can be exhilarating, but only if the individual is capable of handling every task required to care for an animal properly. If you aren’t willing or able to take on this responsibility, then it’s best not to get a new pet.

Caring for any kind of animal requires time and money. It takes effort and patience to nurture your dog into a well-behaved family member that avoids all accidents inside the house and listens when called. You need to clean up after them constantly so there isn’t urine present at all times within your home; they ‘ll also need to be fed regularly, given fresh water, and walked on a daily basis. You want to make sure your puppy is being taken care of properly, so let’s take a look at the cost associated with owning one.

What to Expect When You Get Your First Puppy

When you get your new dog home, expect to spend a lot of money right away. When you pick up your new pet, the first thing they’ll need is a collar and leash with identification tags attached. These items are necessary for any dog’s survival and should be purchased as soon as possible after bringing them home. It may also be in your best interest to have an extra set on hand in case they’re ever lost or damaged. The cost associated with this purchase will vary depending on the brand you choose and where it was purchased from.

Your pup will also need a bed and water/food bowls. Pet beds can be purchased at most pet stores cost will vary depending on what type you choose. You’ll have to provide your puppy with their own food bowl because feeding them out of yours could cause digestive problems later down the road; however, they can share your water bowl as long as it’s cleaned often. Like the collars and leashes, you may want to buy an extra set in case one breaks or gets lost during travel.

What to Do When You Get a New Puppy or Dog

Another thing you’ll need to know before taking home a new pet is what vaccinations and deworming treatments it needs. You may want to consult your vet about this because most dogs get their first round of shots when they are 6-8 weeks old, but the cost will vary depending on where you go. For example, in some states the annual Rabies vaccine may be required by law, so call ahead to find out if that’s true in your area. Your dog or puppy should also have other shots which will further increase the overall cost of bringing a new pet home.

What to Do When You Get a New Puppy or Dog

You’re also going to have to purchase flea and tick medication for your dog after bringing them home. When you do this, be sure to speak with a vet first so they can direct you towards a product that is best suited for your pet’s size and breed. The amount of money spent on these medications will vary greatly depending on what brand you decide to use (Advantage costs about $20 per dose), plus there may be other products needed later down the road like heartworm pills or treatments for ear mites.

Reasons People Regret Getting a Puppy

As people become more aware of the expenses involved with owning a dog, they will start to look at other options. Like any big financial decision, getting an animal is not something that should be entered into lightly. Before you decide to take on this kind of responsibility, consider how much time and money you’re willing to commit towards making your pet happy and healthy. The amount of money you spend over the course of several years may surprise you, but when it comes down to it; dogs are family members rather than just pets.

Ways to Avoid the Regret of Getting a Puppy

If you’ve decided to get a pet but are worried about the costs and maintenance involved; there are still plenty of things you can do to avoid the regret of getting a puppy.

It’s important that people understand that dogs and puppies are going to chew on anything they can get their mouths on if left unattended (even your favorite pair of shoes). This means having strong chew toys available whenever your pet is loose in a room with furniture, as well as keeping an eye on them during mealtimes so they don’t start chewing on anything out of boredom.

Teaching your dog how to use a water bowl instead of a food source may also help cut back on at least some damage done by eating habits over the long run. Try placing something like kibble inside a hollow toy, then letting your pet figure out how to get the food out. This is an effective way of keeping them busy while you’re at work.

Moreover, you should keep your dog on a leash whenever possible; particularly if they haven’t been spayed or neutered yet. If one happens to see an attractive member of the opposite sex, they may try their hardest to escape confinement just so they can go meet up with it.

For larger breeds, it’s a good idea to keep them inside most of the time so they don’t pick up any bad habits you’ll later have to break (like chewing on everything or jumping excessively).

If your dog is running loose in a place where there are other animals, playtime should always be supervised by an adult until you’re sure that nothing is going to go wrong. This goes double for things like horseback riding,because even the friendliest dogs can turn aggressive if feeling threatened by another animal.

Ways to Avoid the Regret of Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy – Conclusion:

As you can see, there are many things to think about when bringing a new pet into your home. The most important thing is that it’s up to the owner to make sure their pets are well cared for and happy. If you follow these simple tips, your first experience with owning a dog or puppy should be an enjoyable one.

We hope this article has helped clear up some of the misconceptions of what life is like as a proud owner of your own pup!

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