How Can I Potty Train My Dog to Go in One Spot Only

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Is it possible to potty train your dog to go in one spot only?

It is no secret that potty training a dog can be an overwhelming task. The process of teaching them to go in one spot can take weeks, and sometimes even months to complete. However, there are ways to make the process easier on yourself as well as your pup. In this article, we will teach you how to potty train your dog using patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement so they learn where their designated bathroom area is! 

Find the Right Potty Area

One of the most important parts of potty training is teaching your dog where their potty spot is going to be. This needs to be an area that you don’t mind smelling like dog urine for a few days, and it should also have absolutely nothing around it that they can use as an alternative potty spot.

The potty spot needs to be an area that your dog has easy access to, and it should also be in a common area of the house. This way people can watch them go potty on command!

You want this potty spot to be close enough so you can easily take your pup outside as soon as they start showing signs of having to potty, but far enough that they won’t just potty right next to the front door and then come back inside for play time. An ideal potty spot will be in an enclosed space with no stairs- if you have carpeted stairs, place blankets over them or something so your pup isn’t tempted to potty on the steps while going up or down them. 

The potty spot also needs to be clean and sprayed with potty training spray, which we’ll discuss later on in the article. The potty spot should be a place where your pup feels safe and can’t play around too much- this is not a potty area for them to chew up toys or potty mats!

Get Your Dog on a Schedule

When potty training a dog, it is essential that you potty train them on a schedule and get them used to potty after they wake up from their morning nap, before they go outside for playtime, right after dinner, and right before bedtime. 

This will make potty training easier because your pup will have potty times set out in the day that you can count on them going potty at- this makes it easier for you to know when to take them outside so they can relieve themselves! It also keeps potty breaks short which helps control dogs who like to potty while playing or chewing on toys.

After your pup gets accustomed to doing these bathroom duties every 1 – 2 hours around the same time everyday, they will potty on command! 

Praise and Reward Your Dog for Going in Their Designated Area

Potty Train

One of the most important aspects of potty training a dog is rewarding them for going potty in the potty spot that you’ve set aside for them! If your pup doesn’t know that going potty in the designated spot gets them praise and rewards, they will not try their best to potty in that particular area.

When you see your pup using their bathroom area, keep an eye out to make sure they finish all their business- some dogs will try to sneak off to potty just a bit around the edges if they don’t feel safe or comfortable in their designated potty spot! Then, give them loads of praise and a treat from their potty training treats stash you have for going potty in the designated spot.

Place Newspaper or Puppy Training Pads on Top of The Spot for Them to Potty You Picked Out.

When your dog does go potty in the spot you picked out, immediately place some newspaper or puppy training pads on top of it. That way, if he goes again the same time later on (or even right after) they will be positive that the area is a good place to pee! This helps speed up the potty training process because they can tell that this area = pee time.

Also when using paper or pads, make sure they are super absorbent and have excellent odor control so that no smell permeates throughout your entire home! If you notice any bad smells or stains/marks when you change them out for new ones, try switching brands!

If The Dog Doesn’t Want to Use That Place to Go Potty, Try Again but Pick a Different Place

Prop up the newspaper right above where your dog is laying. If you notice they’re going on that, great! If not, change it up and try another place (maybe next to their bowl or near where they sleep). Sometimes it’ll take several tries before they pick a certain spot- but stick with it and eventually they will!

If the dog goes in another place that you didn’t want, clean it up and take them outside to their “spot.” Next time when they do it there, praise them and give them treats!

When you go out with the dog, use a leash to lead them around the yard. This helps the dog realize that YOU are in control of where they go potty and when! With some dogs, just bringing them outside is enough for them to want to do their business- so take advantage of that time! 

Never punish your dog for going potty somewhere other than his “spot.” That will only make the issue worse!

Never move your dog’s water or food bowl if he goes potty near it. If you notice him going nearby, just pick up after him separately (instead of picking up both).   


We understand that it can be difficult to train your dog and make sure they go outside. This is why we have put together this article with a step by step guide on how you can teach them to use the same spot for going potty! Hopefully our tips will help, if not don’t worry there are plenty of other resources out there that might give you some ideas as well. Good luck training your pup!

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