How Do You Make Your Dog Obedient? 5 Best Tips for Dog Obedience

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It’s every dog owner’s dream is to make your dog obedient, but a lot of them still struggle with their pets’ behavior. But don’t worry! There are many ways for pet owners to get their dogs to behave better and be more obedient without resorting to harsh methods that can cause behavioral problems in the future. This article will provide tips and tricks for making your dog obedient while keeping him happy.

Why Should You Make Your Dog Obedient?

For dog owners, dog obedience school is a great way to teach their dog basic training and keep him in line. The basic dog obedience commands are the foundation for all dog behavior. If you cannot make your dog obey these basics, then you are setting yourself up for failure when it comes to more complex dog behaviors like staying off furniture or walking politely on leash. As important as canine communication skills are (like body language), dog obedience will create a stronger bond between dog and owner through trust and interaction. It’s also just plain fun to be able to communicate with your dog!

make your dog obedient
Make your Dog Obedient-Photo by Celine Sayuri Tagami

What are the Consequences If you do not make your dog Obedient?

A dog that is not obedient poses a danger to himself and others. If your dog can’t learn how to control his behavior, then you will always have issues with dog obedience. It’s impossible to create dog training programs for off leash dog parks, dog shows, dog sports (like agility), or dog tricks. A dog that doesn’t behave himself in public may be seen as aggressive and dangerous. That can get your dog banned from dog parks and other public venues. The unruly behavior of a disobedient dog will make dog obedience school very difficult; it’ll be nearly impossible to train him at home.

A dog that is disobedient is not fun to live with and spending time with him may even become an unpleasant experience. Your dog will not respect you or your family if he doesn’t feel like you have control of the situation; for example, he may jump up on guests while they are visiting. He’ll also be much harder to keep out of trouble since he won’t listen to you when it comes time to get off his favorite chair or stay off the living room carpet!

What are Some Tips to Make Your Dog Obedient?

So, how can a dog owner make his or her dog obedient? To start with, dog obedience training should be started when the dog is young. That’s because puppies are much easier to train than older dogs since they take direction more willingly, obey without question, and have fewer bad habits. However, it’s still possible for an adult dog to get into dog training school and learn new behaviors. The key is consistency–if you plan on attending dog obedience classes or working at home alone with your dog. Consistency will help ensure that your dog learns faster and stops misbehaving sooner in order to avoid punishment.

For most pet owners a simple reward system is all it takes to make a dog obedient, using treats or playtime as rewards for his obedience.

These dog training techniques work the majority of the time, but dog owners should not expect to make their dog obedient overnight. It usually takes anywhere from two months to a year for dog owners to see noticeable results in their dog’s behavior, so don’t get discouraged if your dog doesn’t obey immediately.

Practice Basic Obedience Commands

Dog training can be frustrating for owners and dogs if dog obedience starts with the dog’s more difficult behaviors. Practices dog commands such as “Sit” and “Down” until you both get it right, then move onto more challenging dog behaviors like “Come,” or dog tricks.

Focus on creating a strong bond between you and your dog: Training classes that concentrate too much on dog obedience may turn into dog behavior schools instead of owned pet classes. Dog owners should make dog obedience fun for themselves, so they want to start attending dog training school again and again! Create an atmosphere in which dogs enjoy learning new things, like games where he gets to play fetch with his favorite toy after every correct response.

Stop Your Dog’s Bad Behavior

Dog obedience training methods will motivate him to listen. These dog training techniques are easy to do but may take several attempts before your dog gets it right.

For example, dog owners should try and discourage their unruly dog from chewing by spraying bitter apple or another dog repellent on the target area. Instead of thinking he’s getting away with something, this should make your dog think he’s learned his lesson when you catch him in the act.

In extreme cases where other dog obedience techniques fail, pet owners may have to put their dog into a time-out in order for him to get control of himself again. Time-outs are only effective if performed correctly and consistently (in other words, don’t leave your dog in the dog crate for too long, as this will only hurt him emotionally).

After a dog obedience training session, dog owners should take their dog out for a walk or playtime. This will help improve their bond and keep them both happy. Also don’t forget to offer dog treats as a reward!

Walk Your Dog on a Leash

Use dog obedience training methods like keeping him on a leash to keep your dog under control so he doesn’t run away from you and does what you want him to do!

Practice dog obedience training techniques whenever possible, especially when your dog is not misbehaving in order for them to learn faster and stop bad behavior before you see it.

Try new things until the dog obeys your commands correctly; if necessary take a couple of days off between practice sessions if they are too frustrating or difficult. Try not to make dog obedience dog training classes boring by working on the same thing over and over again.

How Do You Make Your Dog Obedient? 5 Best Tips for Dog Obedience
Make your Dog Obedient -Photo by Leio McLaren (

Reward Good Behavior with Treats or Toys for Reinforcement

It’s nearly impossible to make a dog obedient if they will not sit still or pay attention. Focus on teaching one behavior at a time.

Make your dog feel comfortable about obeying you by keeping sessions short, so he isn’t bored. Your pet can learn better if his mind is sharp and attentive; try doing something mentally stimulating before lessons in order to boost their learning ability.

Outline the steps you’re going to follow when commanding or teaching your dog: Dogs find this helpful because they know what is expected of them from one step to the next, which helps to ease tension during training.

Don’t Let Other People Pet Your Dog Without Permission

It is important for dog owners to explain how to properly greet a dog. This can prevent an accident from occurring later down the road as well as keep other people safe.

Try dog training commands in your home with no distractions and then expand it outdoors after you have done so. Failure to do so will make this harder when you are outside of your house, which may lead to bad behavior on behalf of the pet. When you take your pet for a walk, watch him carefully; if he displays any negative bad behaviors, stop and return to your house or go to a place with minimal people.

Make your Dog Obedient – Conclusion:

The importance of making your dog obedient is not limited to safety reasons. When you have an obedient pet, it can help them live a longer life. You will also be able to enjoy more time with your canine companion when they are trained because the bad behaviors like running away or jumping on people won’t happen as often and hopefully at all!

Practice basic obedience commands by training in short sessions throughout the day, reward good behavior with treats or toys that reinforce that this type of behavior should continue going forward, and make sure your pup has plenty of exercise and affection during these times so he knows what’s expected from him.

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