Secrets To Dog Training Review

Secrets To Dog Training Review

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We love our dogs, but we do not always love their behavior. Sometimes our precious puppies chew our belongings, bark for no apparent reason, terrorize our other pets, and have other problematic behaviors that we simply cannot keep living with. There must be a solution that makes both dogs and humans happy without terrorizing the poor animal. Daniel Stevens has just designed this kind of solution.

“Secrets to Dog Training” is a complete online dog training program for obedience.  This product, formerly called SitStayFetch, gives you a detailed overview of how to make any dog well behaved in any situation.  Over 200, 000 dog lovers have used this application to successfully train their dogs to be obedient. The course was created by Daniel Stevens, who has been an effective dog trainer for many years, and hundreds of thousands of dog owners have used his strategies to discipline their dogs effectively.

About the Author: Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens is a dog trainer. He’s also the author of 5 Dog Training Myths and Sits Stay Fetch: Dog Training to Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems! These non-fiction guidebooks are re-published and re-visited with tons of additional new information, such as Secrets to Dog Training.

Not all of Daniel Steven’s books are about dog and dog training. He has also published numerous non-fiction titles, although his dog-training titles are his most well-known and widely used.

Training Philosophy:

The training philosophy is to appreciate the good behavior of your pet dog and to ignore the bad. Scolding or getting angry at your dog for his bad habits is not going to work. You are required to be patient and follow the steps carefully.

Secrets to Dog Training:

The training techniques are based on the fact that the owner of a dog needs to show himself to his pet dog as a pack leader, and the dog will follow your commands like magic. The training theory of this book is gentle and efficient. These training tactics are working in real life and are used by professionals.

Secrets to Dog training condemns harsh training techniques such as electric collars or choke collars and instead focuses on methods such as clicker training and dog whispering.

About the Program:

The program was designed in a systematic manner that allows you to build a solid framework with your dog and then work on training and obedience commands.   The guide is detailed, yet, it does not have a lot of “fluff,” just excellent information and techniques.

The guide begins with details on how to choose the correct dog or puppy for you.   It goes beyond the popular breeds and temperaments, and where to go to get your new dog or puppy.  It then discusses the health of the dog, nutrition, vaccinations, illness, and all the dogs you have chosen.

Then the guide will take a number of different ways to train your dog.  He is talking about all the various options you have to train your dog.  He discusses crate training, the collar method, dog whispering, and the method of reinforcement. These are just some of the methods, but they are all covered in the book.

Finally, in the third part of the course, you will learn the different ways to deal with negative dog behaviors. The course includes how to stop the dog from digging, barking, hunting, biting, chewing, howling, and much more! The book also covers how to stop the dog’s aggressiveness and teach dogs to behave well around other people.

The guide will train the dog owner on how to train their dog.   It is all about knowledge and information. Having the right resources and information makes it possible to tackle dog issues in a systematic way and in a way that the dog understands.

The Pros:

·         The system is laid out in a well-organized format

·         Affordable Program

·         Includes Bonuses:

·         An audiobook translation of the courses

·         “Quick guide to dog aggression” E-book

·         “All the house training methods and tricks” E-book

·         “Dog Grooming” E-book

·         “Tips on Security Training your Dog” Report

·         “Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog” E-book

·         260 Page comprehensive book, 30-minute video on obedience

·         Unlimited online conduct consultations

·         60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Cons:

This is NOT a quick fix technique, the methods Daniel teaches are time-tested and proven approaches. Training will take time and effort. The book is very comprehensive. It almost gives you more material than you want.  I found myself referring back to the book as the dog continues to grow and for self-reinforcing.


All dogs can profit from the behavioral instruction of this dog training: puppies whose owners want them to learn good habits of obedience right from the start, older dogs with different behavioral issues, and even dogs that are already trained in obedience, whose owners would like to take their training to a whole new level.

Dog training is a continuous process, sometimes a long one, but if you love dogs, then you know that doing it tenderly and properly is worth the effort. The outcome is a happy, healthy animal who loves to spend time with you.

If that is the result you are looking for, Secrets to Dog Training has the right technique for you. From Chihuahuas to Rottweilers, every dog wants to be led by a confident, intelligent alpha; that could be you with this training.

Final Word :

 Overall, I’m really impressed by the product. Secrets To Dog Training covers everything and more you’ll learn from working with a professional dog trainer for 6 months. The main benefit of a system like this is that you’re the only one to train your dog. This means that every step of your dog’s training is building up your relationship with your dog, putting you in an authoritative position every step of the way so that when the day comes when you actually need to take control of your dog in public, you can absolutely guarantee that you will listen and obey your instructions, that you will know how to get the necessary results from your dog, and that your dog will do it.

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Secrets To Dog Training Review

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