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Miniature Schnauzer Training

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Miniature Schnauzer Training

Miniature Schnauzer is a breed of small dog of the Schnauzer (pronounced “shh-now-zer”) that came from Germany.

They are crosses between a standard schnauzer and smaller breeds, for example, the poodle. Described as an extremely brilliant and affectionate breed of dog, these types of dogs are very obedient and committed to their owner.

You can train them easily because they are highly intelligent, obedient and is eager to be pleased.  An excellent guard dog with a territorial instinct they are very protective with their owners and most of the times guarded towards people they don’t know, they usually don’t attack just vocal warnings.

Miniature Schnauzer Bark Training


Miniature Schnauzer


Generally, dog’s uses sound to communicate with other dogs or other animals and especially to their owners.  Miniature schnauzer bark to express their feeling, they are very vocal about their feeling and they do this by barking.

They are known to be a “barky” breed but they rarely bark without any reason.

They will bark to express their happiness, displeasure and excitement or any other emotions.

It creates problems when it becomes excessive and you can’t control it.  Some Schnauzers show excited ferociousness bark when other people or animals come near on what is theirs.

If you will not be mindful of these things they may find everyone suspicious.

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The dog’s environment can also contribute to their barking, as we’ve mentioned earlier this breed is very active and playful.

So a dull, boring environment that offers no motivation often creates a bored barker, he will always bark as a way to let go of the repressed energy.

On the other hand, when you leave them alone outside or inside for a long period of time Miniature schnauzer bark continuously.

Excessive barking because they are bored or lonely and wants attention is a result of confining them alone in a kennel or yard.

Since this breed is very active to get proper exercise so it can keep up with its active lifestyle.  When they don’t get the proper exercise they also bark, it is their way of releasing their strain.


Miniature Schnauzer Training

To lessen the barking of the Miniature Schnauzer here are some the advice that I can share with you.

The first and foremost thing we can do is teach them how to speak or bark in order.  You can find things that signal his barking such as his toy while holding it pretend that you are taking it away from them.

After they bark, commend them and continue to speak and continue repeating the word speaks. Repeat them as much as possible so that they will understand, that the word “speak “means to bark.

After the miniature schnauzer, bark teaches them the opposite of “speak” which is “quiet” or “stop”, while they are barking to let them know that they already need to stop barking.

Do these continuously he will recognize that speak means bark and stop means he will stop barking.

Just be sure to praise and reward him every time he obeys you with his barking.  Start when they are young, so you can build their patience.

If your dog barks when you leave them alone, make them comfortable without you by getting them used to this.  In the beginning, leave the house just for a few minutes, don’t make him excited when you leave and when you go back.

Slowly increase the minutes that you are away so it will look like just normal and he knows that you will return.  They will not be stressed when you do that or you can also leave the radio to hear a person’s voice, this will lessen the miniature schnauzer bark.

If you know what triggers you’re dogs barking, let’s say a toy or looking out your door or window.  Prevent it by closing your door or putting blinds on your window and hiding the toy that makes them bark.

If they still bark, make them listen to your command which is the “stop” or “quiet”.  You can also make loud noises so they will be distracted, once they stop barking command and reward them for the good job they did.

Lastly, make sure your dog gets enough exercise, they need a long walk and daily playtime.  Getting them to burn out the energy through exercise will control their barking.

When you’re walking with your dog they see a lot of different things keeping them out of boredom, you can also teach them with new tricks when your outside for their mental stimulation.

Noticed that when you are tired after a long day or just even an exercise when you go home you just want to rest.  It’s the same with your dogs, miniature schnauzer barks less if they are tired.

With exercise and mental stimulation, it will keep them from non-sense barking, and acquiring bad dog behaviour.

Always pay attention to their need, they can’t speak so they will use other things to communicate with us and reward them whenever they do something good.  But most importantly always show your love and affection with your dog.


Miniature Schnauzers And the Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers And the Miniature Schnauzer

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