Should You Cover Your Dog’s Crate?

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Your dog’s crate is one of the things that you should provide your pup. One way you can show your pup some love is by covering their crate while they’re inside it. This will help them feel safe, confident, and comfortable in their own space. Not only that but it’ll help protect against bacteria and odors that may build up over time without regular cleaning. 

The best part about using a cover for your dog’s crate? It’s easy peasy! Just find one at your local pet store or online, order it quickly via Amazon Prime (it’ll arrive in two days!), then enjoy watching your puppy settle into his new home with ease.

The Benefits of Using a Crate for Your Dog

Crate training can help reduce your pup’s separation anxiety, teach him social boundaries, and allow you to schedule his bathroom breaks, among many other helpful techniques for beginning or seasoned pet parents. A crate trained dog is a happier and more balanced dog who will grow up to be a better member of society.

If you’re new to the idea of crate training or have been hesitant about using one at all with your furry friend, consider doing some research on what it can do for him in the long run before deciding against it completely.

Should You Cover Your Dog's Crate?
Dogs Crate

Most dogs adjust quite easily to their crates if introduced properly from an early age but there are still some who may need extra time and consideration when it comes down to making them feel comfortable while inside. There are a few benefits to covering your dog’s crate that are sure to put any of your worries at ease.

A clean, well-kept space is essential for any pet, and it can mean the difference between a lifetime of happiness or potential behavioral issues later on in life. Ever heard of separation anxiety? It’s very common with dogs who aren’t used to being alone during extended periods of time without proper supervision and understanding from their owners. If you’re able to use a cover on your dog’s crate when he isn’t in there it’ll help keep things cleaner and less odoriferous than using nothing at all!

Why You Should Cover Your Dog’s Crate

Using a cover on your dog’s crate can also help calm your pup if he’s feeling anxious while inside by providing more security and privacy. This will allow him to relax while not being exposed to the world around him while remaining in his own little “home.” It’ll also keep bugs out so that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted guests of other small creatures.

Plus, it’s easy for them to eliminate waste when they’re in their crates. You can just take off the cover whenever it needs cleaning and spray some disinfectant on there (just make sure you get all the hard-to-reach places with a good scrub!) before adding a fresh sheet or towel.

Some dogs may not feel entirely confident in their crates if they are exposed to the world around them. A cover can help block out any potential dangers that may be lurking nearby if your dog is easily excitable or is just feeling slightly more intimidated than usual.

The last thing you want for your pet is for him to develop a fear of his own crate! Just know that it’s completely ok to remove the cover when he’s ready as well if you’d like some extra bonding time with your pup. At first, though, putting a cover on can give him increased privacy which will allow him to settle in easier and become familiar with his new surroundings even faster.

What Type of Material to Use When Covering the Dog’s Crate?

Regardless of what type of material you decide to use, whether that be a blanket or a towel, make sure it is not too heavy for your pup. This will prevent him from being overly hot in there which can cause health issues like panting and excessive drinking water.

He should also be able to breathe just fine through the material without feeling restricted. Your dog’s crate cover should fit snugly enough so that he can’t snuggle up on one side then pull it back toward himself with his paws. The tighter the better!

Overall, using a dog’s crate cover should help relieve any stress (so long as you pick the right size) while keeping things clean and fresh. It’ll also provide comfort by creating more privacy for your pooch while inside. Just remember not to leave them on for too long as they can cause some dogs to feel trapped!

If you’d like a more permanent solution that’ll last the life of your pet, consider getting a dog crate cover. It installs easily and is made from high-quality materials. They’re also extremely easy to keep clean and don’t take up too much space in your home or car which makes them great for use when traveling with pets!

Which Items to Include with the Crate Cover     

Depending on the size of your dog’s crate you may need to add a few extra items to make sure it fits well and looks nice. If you have a large dog, for example, you should use an appropriately sized blanket that’ll cover the entire thing and help keep anyone from noticing any odor or accidents. You can also use a colored sheet if you want to spice things up a little bit!

Also, try adding different toys depending on your pet’s preferences. Some may enjoy chew toys while others may love squeaky ones. It’s all about seeing what your furry friend prefers so that you can provide him with his favorite treats when he needs them most!

Plus, sneaking in something like some peanut butter treats are another great way to form positive associations with his crate so that he’ll feel at home in there.

Should You Cover Your Dog's Crate?
Should You Cover Your Dog’s Crate?

Most owners choose to use a crate cover for various reasons. Some dogs get anxious if they see too much going on around them, while others just need their blankets! It can also help protect your pup’s fur and skin from getting dirty when he’s inside of it which will definitely save you some time on cleaning up any messes.

They’re easy to make and relatively inexpensive as well. Just take the time to select the right material based on your dog’s habits and figure out where you may want to add your own personal touch!

Once everything is set up, just let him spend some time in there before adding the cover and making sure that everything fits properly first.


Dogs love their crates, and when they are finally comfortable in it you will be able to see the difference. Your dog’s crate is a safe place for them to feel secure, so make sure that you get one large enough for your pup’s size now. If he doesn’t like his new bedding or space then just give him time–it won’t take long before he feels at home!

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