Dog Crate Training

Dog crate training actually starts before you even involve the dog at all.

Choosing the crate

Before you start training check to see that your crate you will be using is in good shape and strong.   There are several different styles available but a wire type is a good choice.  Make sure the dog has plenty of room to move about without the crate being too large as well.  The size does matter because if you choose a crate that is too big the dog will not feel it is his home.  The dog should be able to turn around in it but small enough to make you dog feel it is just his little spot.

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Placing the Dog in the crate

Learning to crate train you dog or puppy will also teach them not to potty in the house, as they do not want to go inside their own space.   Place a special toy or perhaps a treat inside the crate.   When you close the door you want to talk to the dog with words of praise in a gentle tone.  Words such as, good doggy works just great.  You should start with the dog being in the crate for a short amount of time overtime extended this time up to 1 hour.  The golden rule to crate training is DO NOT let your dog out until the time is up because he is whimpering.  If you do it only teaches him he can get his way with you.


If you have crate trained your dog correctly and provided consistency in your training you will have no problem getting you dog to go to his crate.

Don’ts for Crate Training

  • Do not use the crate for punishment
  • Do not leave the dog in the crate for long periods of time

Positive Experience

Crating the dog in the proper way encourages him to think of the crate as a positive experience.

If you go to let your dog out of the crate and he is whimpering, stop; do not let him out at this time.  Instead talk to the dog gently calming him down until he stops whimpering and then proceed to let him out, otherwise he will think he got his way.

Happily Ever After

Properly crate training a dog will lead to a happy home for both you dog and your family.

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