What are the Signs that Your Dog Does not Like You, Even If You Think They Do

signs that your dog does not like you

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Do you ever wonder if your dog does not like you? I’m sure you think your dog likes you. I mean, they cuddle next to you when they’re tired, lick your face when they’re happy, and even eat the food that’s on your plate. But sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a dog really does like someone because of their behavior or if they are just following orders.

Yes, sadly, some dogs don’t like their owners. Although it could be heartbreaking, here’s what you need to know to understand it.

Signs that Your Dog Doesn’t Like You

Why Your Dog May Not Like You

Dogs are very good at reading people, especially by their tone of voice. So every time you punish them it sends an obvious message to your dog that they’re not liked very much. They don’t care if the punishment is for something bad or good either; even when they do something right and get rewarded for it your dog may still think that person dislikes them. The only thing certain for dogs is food because it comes regardless of their behavior, so any time you punish your dog for not doing what you want them to do without rewarding them first they’re likely going to see somebody who doesn’t like them.

What are the Signs that Your Dog Does not Like You?

Dog Doesn’t Greet You When You Come Home

If your dog goes to greet you when you first come home but stops after a few seconds then they’re probably just following orders. If they didn’t stop, though, it would be because they truly missed you. If this happens consistently, especially if the dog isn’t tired or hungry, then there’s a good chance that your dog doesn’t like you very much.

Your Dog’s Tail is Always Tucked Between His or Her Legs

If your dog’s tail is tucked between their legs, it may look like they’re scared of you, but when a dog’s tail is lowered and wagging side-to-side it means that they’re happy to see you. A tail held high with little or no movement means the exact opposite, so if your dog’s tail is always puffed out or relaxed then they probably don’t really care about seeing you.

Dog Avoids Eye Contact with You

If your dog doesn’t make much eye contact with you it may be because they don’t want to see somebody who doesn’t like them. If you’ve given your dog a command that they didn’t follow then they might not look at you until you give them another one, but if it happens in any other situation then there’s a good chance that your dog is hiding something from you or your dog does not like you.

Dog Whines a Lot and Barks Too Much

If your dog whines a lot and barks excessively, even when there’s no reason for them to be doing so then they may not like you. When dogs feel uncomfortable or that there is something wrong with their surroundings then they’ll whine and bark until somebody makes it right again. If the only time this happens is when you’re around then it’s safe to assume that your dog just can’t stand being around you.

does your dog like you

You Find Your Dog Chewing on Items that are Valuable to You

If your dog’s main hobby is chewing on things that are not toys and you find them doing so, then it may be because the dog does not like you . If they chew on everything but you then it just means that everybody else sees them as a pest, but if your items get chewed on more than anybody else’s then your dog could be trying to tell you something.

If Your Dog Does Lick You, It’s Usually on the Hand or Leg Instead of the Face or Neck Like Usual

If your dog does lick you, it’s typically only when they get a reward or after they’ve done something wrong, and you scold them. If the licking did not come with any food, then it may mean that they can’t stand being around you, but if there is no reason for it to happen at all then perhaps your dog doesn’t like you very much.

They Don’t Follow Commands as Well as Usual and Seem More Aggressive than Normal

When dogs really like you, they’ll typically do anything to keep you around. If your dog isn’t doing his or her job as well as usual, then it may be because he or she doesn’t like you very much. If this happens especially when other people are present, then there’s a good chance that he or she doesn’t want anybody to see them being submissive towards somebody who makes them feel uncomfortable.

If Your Dog Doesn’t Like to Be Petted and Cuddled, it’s a Sign that He/she Doesn’t Like Being Near You

Dogs that don’t like to be petted on the head or cuddled with are typically more independent and may just have a personality of their own. If they’re quick to bite you then it means that they don’t want anybody else touching them, but if this doesn’t happen even if you try to force them then it could be that your dog does not like you very much.

Your Dog Tries to Avoid You

If your dog doesn’t like you then he or she will try every way possible to avoid being around you. If this behavior exists then it means that they do not want anybody else near them, but if there is no reason for them to be acting this way then they just don’t like you very much.

The Truth About Why Your Dog Doesn’t Like You- It’s the Way You Treat Them!

Pets can be just like humans in the sense that they’ll act out if you treat them badly. If your dog is acting differently than how they usually do then it may be because they don’t feel treated right, but if there’s no reason for their behavior to change at all then it means that they just plain don’t like you very much.

How Can I Make My Dog Love Me?

The best way to get more loving and caring behavior from your dog is to make sure that you’re giving them the care they need. It doesn’t matter how much you love somebody if you don’t treat them right, and this goes for dogs as well.

understanding dogs

If your dog doesn’t like you then it means that there’s something wrong with either how you treat him or her or how he/she thinks about themselves. If it’s the former then try taking more time out of your day to give more affection and playtime, but if it’s the latter then try helping your pet build confidence and self-worth so he or she can feel better about him or herself.


If you’re noticing that your dog doesn’t greet you when he or she sees you, tucks his or her tail between their legs, avoids eye contact with others but not with you, snarls at other people yet is friendly to you and may be more aggressive than normal–it’s time for a vet visit. There are many reasons why dogs might act this way towards their owners so it’s important to determine the cause of these changes in behavior as soon as possible before they become worse. A veterinarian can help identify what could be wrong and provide treatment options if necessary.

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