German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd Training

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German Shepherd dogs need training for them to be a comfortable satisfied part of your family and home.   Training puts you in control rather than the German Shepherd in control.

Traits of the German Shepherd

  • Active dogs
  • Needs attention
  • Requires exercise
  • Smart
  • Determined
  • Bold

Consistency is key in German Shepherd Training.  Training your German Shepherd will require time and attention for effective training.  Do not cut short your estimation of time it will take to effectively train your dog.

Training your dog is based upon two principles

  • Praise
  • Correction

Praise should be given when you dog does something good or follows your commands and correction should be given when your dog does something you do not want him to do.  Doing these two things with consistency will provide effective training for your German Shepherd?

German Shepherd Training

Leader of the pack

German Shepherds find it comforting when the leader of the pack is their owner.

The German Shepherd requires the Alpha dog to provide consistent and firm leadership.   This type of leadership will provide for a happy dog.   Be prepared your dog will probably push the limits from time to time during training.  The German Shepherd will even at times test you by ignoring commands he has previously learned.   Don’t worry this is very much normal. The solution to this problem is consistently continuing your established training

When the owner is established as the Alpha dog the German Shepherd will

Work harder to please you by following your commands.  This also allows for a deep bonding between dog and owner.

The actions of the German Shepherd are usually driven by instinct.  The owner will need to establish a balance between behavior conditioning and instinct.

As an owner you need to know that the German shepherd dog matures slower than other breeds.   Maturity is reached at about 3 years of age.  So be prepared for 3 years of puppy life.

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Socialization needs to be provided when the dog is young with lots of exposure to other dogs and people.   This will help prevent aggressive tendencies as they become adult dogs.

  • Establish yourself as the leader.  If you fail to do this the German Shepherd will assume this role.
  • Obtain your dog’s attention.
  • Consistency.  Do not change the rules.
  • Start training at home when the dog is 2 months of age with potty training.
  • Start Leash training at 2 ½ months of age.  Leash training will prevent the dog from walking you.
  • Move training from home based to basic obedience class when you dog is 4 months old.  Basic commands such as sit, down, come, and stay should be taught.
  • It will never to be late for German Shepherd dog training.  The German Shepherd can be taught throughout his life.

Additional training tips

  • Feed your dog after you have eaten.
  • Train your German Shepherd to let you enter a doorway first.
  • Do not abuse your dog to train them by hitting them.  This will create aggression in the dog.
  • Seek professional assistance if your dog has indications of aggression.

This comment has been flagged. Knowing your German Shepherds traits and behaviors and following these tips for German Shepherd Dog training will result in a happy home life for both man and dog.

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German Shepherd Training

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German Shepherd Training

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