Traits Of A Shiba Inu Puppies

Traits Of A Shiba Inu Puppies

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Shiba inu puppies are brave, lively and affectionate, and make good companions for toddlers. They are very active and make great alarm dogs, but tend to demand much attention from their owners. Like the lhasa apso, they bark loudly and can be stubborn at times.

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The meaning of the Japanese word “shiba” is not very clear, though “inu” is certainly the Japanese word for “dog”. The dogs of this breed were originally bred for hunting and are very good at navigating their way over mountainous terrain. They are the smallest of the six original dog breeds originating from Japan, the other five being the Akita, the Hokkaido, the Kai, the Kishu, and the Shikoku.

Owing to its small size, shiba inu puppies require extra care after being born. They also require temperature regulation to keep them warm. These puppies are relatively easy to care for, as they are naturally clean, brushing being the only requirement. However, they are heavy shedders. It is also not advisable to bathe them often, four times a year being the appropriate frequency. They are relatively easy to housebreak, with no more than placing them outdoors after meals being enough to train them as to proper toileting.

Shiba inu puppies have a strong preying instinct. Therefore putting them on a leash is recommended, unless they are in a secure area. Otherwise they will go after all imaginable small animals which they regard as prey. However, placing them inside kennels for long periods of time is not recommended, as this will greatly affect their temperament. Obedience training at an early age is important, given the breed’s intelligent and independent nature. They can also be involved in occasional fights with other dogs, so it is important to closely monitor their interactions with other dog breeds.

Training shiba inu puppies require positive reinforcement, i.e. giving them praise, rewards and encouragement for manifesting obedience. Training sessions should be short but regular, conducted with patience and affection, and most of all, love and consideration. As this breed easily bonds with a caring owner, an affable temperament exhibited by the trainer will most likely do the job of teaching the puppies obedience.  As with all other puppies, they are prone to commit mistakes in view of their young age, but a consistent approach, characterized by firmness and gentleness, can transform them into highly obedient pets despite their independent temperament.

Shiba inu puppies are moderately active indoors. They also grow up to be hardy, weatherproof dogs, but do not like to be left alone outside. While they can adapt well to outdoor conditions, they seek affection from its owners, and so prefer to remain indoors. It has a tremendous endurance rate, and can last long enough for very lengthy walks.

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