Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Generally dogs do what is ordered of them. However, with separation anxiety dog pose serious problems for their owners. The dog may become troublesome, resistant to commands, destructive of furniture and the like. People may however fail to see that these are symptoms of separation anxiety, so some pointers should be given.

A dog with that disorder is unusually anxious when its owner prepares to leave the house. Even ordinary actions such as picking car keys or making one’s way toward the door can generate a lot of activity from the dog. It may bark, jump, and run around wildly, apparently with no reason at all.

In separation anxiety dogs only manifest unruly behavior when it is separated from its owner. However, when it is in the company of its owner, such unruly behavior is brought to a minimum. In order to ease the tension, the dog will always follow its owner wherever he or she may go, and if it fails to keep track, a lot of inappropriate actions can be expected from it.

If by some chance the owner succeeds in shaking off the dog, leaves the house, and returns, the dog be “overjoyed” upon sensing that its master has indeed returned. This hyperactivity usually requires some time to dissipate.

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If all these symptoms concur, there is a great chance that it suffers from separation anxiety dog.

To treat this disorder, the following simple procedure may be adopted.

  • The owner should start ignoring the “wild” behavior his or her dog exhibits every time he or she starts to leave. Little by little the dog will get used to it. This should be reinforced by obedience training during periods when dog and owner and spending time together. Little by little the dog will get used to its owners temporary absences.
  • The next step to address separation anxiety dog is to let the dog enjoy the outdoors while the owner remains indoors. Some sort of distraction can be provided, for example a toy with which the dog can play. However, the owner must be alert enough to step out and be reunited with the dog as soon as it starts showing symptoms of the disorder. This should also be repeated until the dog gets used to it.
  • The third step is to note the immediate causes of its anxiety and eliminate them. For example, if the dog is alerted when it hears its owner jingling car keys, such must be avoided. Separation anxiety can be cured in time by using these approaches, as the common denominator of all these is to make the dog used to temporary absences for lengthening periods of time. Once the dog has started to cope and refrains from exhibiting inappropriate behavior, the owner can tell that it has cured its dog of the disorder.

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