Great Dane Training: A Rewarding Experience

Great Dane Training: A Rewarding Experience

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Training one of the largest breeds of dogs can prove to be difficult. Nevertheless, Great Dane training can be very enjoyable to both owner and pet if executed nicely and properly.

Basic Obedience Training

It is important to start with basic obedience training when the Great Dane is still a puppy. This will ensure that training will go smoothly as it grows. A situation involving a troublesome, disobedient Great Dane is always frightening, and it pays to keep it under control the earliest time possible.

The first thing to do is to walk the dog using a leash. The handler has to make sure that the dog does not pull the leash to whatever direction it wants. Rather, the dog should learn to obey the tugs of the handler. This way obedience is instilled and once obedience is instilled, praise should be given. This “inspires” the dog to render obedience again in your future Great Dane training.

If the dog starts pulling, the handler should stop. This way the dog realizes that what it is doing is wrong. If it still offers resistance, pulling towards the opposite direction may do the trick. That tact startles it and allows itself to be pulled away.

Let Your Dog Socialize

Also, a Great Dane should socialize with other dogs. Being left alone with no one to interact with only makes it a fierce creature, incapable of getting along well with people and other dogs and becoming a source of fear instead of admiration. Great Danes are by nature affectionate animals, so it is important to develop the affection it possesses within.

Consistency in Training

Consistency is vital in Great Dane training. The dog must sense that the handler is serious about what he or she is doing. Nevertheless, a suitable degree of affection must be maintained. Timeliness and repetition are also keys to success.

Most people are afraid of training Great Danes. It comes not as a surprise, because the very size of the dog is enough to intimidate the bravest man. However, what many people don’t know is that Great Danes are affectionate dogs, and are obedient if subjected to training at an early age.

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Great Dane training is a very rewarding experience. The very fact that you have helped a dog of such humungous size master obedience is no small feat. It brings a sense of satisfaction and pride on the part of the owner, and contentment on the part of the pet. It also instills a sense of belonging on the part of the dog, especially if much praise and encouragement is employed. As the old adage goes, patience is a virtue. Being patient in training Great Danes will surely pay off in time, and no one can be a prouder owner than its handler.

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