Yorkshire Terrier Training

Yorkshire Terrier Training

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Yorkshire Terrier Training. Yorkshire Terriers make for great companions.  These dogs have become a very popular throughout the world for this reason.

They provide a variety of full of energy to one of the most affectionate breeds to be found.  With proper socialization and training the Yorkshire Terrier makes for a great pet for any family.

These little toy type dogs become attached easily with a strong bond to members of the family.   This is what makes them such loving pets but it can also create anxiety for the dog during any separation times.

Yorkshire Terrier Training

The individuality of the Yorkshire Terrier makes their behavior and personality dependent upon the socialization and training you provide for the dog.

Without proper training Yorkshire Terrier’s exhibit two problematic characteristics.

  • Excessive barking
  • Difficulties in potty training

Both of these can be prevented and overcome with the proper training techniques.

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These dogs can be great students during training using some rather simple techniques such as

  • Repetition and Consistency
  • Encouragement
  • Positive reinforcement

Behavior training for your Yorkie can be successful without much difficulty at all.   They will quickly learn good household pet manners.  Your dog will also learn the basic commands of stay, down, sit, fetch and come with eagerness.

Potty Training

Potty training will be more challenging with the Yorkshire Terrier than obedience or behavior training.  Following an established potty training schedule and staying with it will result in successful potty training.

A lot of owners fail simply because they give up to soon.  Crate training can be an effective method of potty training for your dog.

Training Tips

  • Train daily
  • Reward your dog with treats
  • Establish time for play after training
  • Provide training alone
  • Limit command training to one at a time.
  • Each Command should be associated with one specific word
  • Use an assertive tone during behavior training.

The Yorkshire Terrier does not have a very long attention span or memory much the same as a small child.   If daily training is not provided you will find it is much like having to start from the beginning at the next training session.

Providing treats for training success emphasizes to the dog the action or behavior you want and also motivates accomplishment on the next command or behavior.

Allowing for the dog to have sufficient playtime outside of training sessions provides for exercise which helps your dog to learn much quicker.

If other people or animals are in attendance during the training sessions your dog may become distracted.   Providing the training sessions in a private environment allows you to keep the full attention of your dog.

Train your dog one command at a time.  Do not add a new command until that command is mastered. Also remember to use the same word for a given command such has come. Do not add words to the command or interchange word such as “come here” or “here”.

Stay with only one word per command.   This will prevent confusion for your dog and you will obtain greater success in training.  Remember you are teaching your dog a new language and just as when learning any new language one word at a time is best.  Keep it simple.

When correcting your dog you should use an assertive rather firm tone.   This tone rather than the words themselves will let your dog know their behavior has been unacceptable.

Following these guidelines and tips for Yorkshire Terrier training should prove to be beneficial to both you and your dog.

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Yorkshire Terrier Training

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