Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Stop Dog from Eating Poop

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Does your dog have a nasty little habit of eating poop?  This actually is a condition called Coprophagia.  This is a fairly common problem and is rather natural behavior for dogs although it appears to be very unpleasant for humans.  There are some things you can do to stop  dog from eating poop.

The condition of Coprophagia actually urges your dog to eat poop.

Causes of Coprophagia

  • Hunger
  • Diet insufficient of nutrients and minerals or not the right food for your dog
  • Eating excess food and expelling indigested food
  • Boredom, anxiety, stress, or loneliness
  • To clean his space
  • Lack of exercise
  • Internal Parasites
  • To prevent punishment for using the bathroom in the house
  • To conceal the mother dogs pups from predators

Coprophagia is a more than just a nasty habit it is your dog’s cry for help with his diet and health.

Solutions to stop the habit of eating poop

  • Clean your dogs pen after defecation
  • Owner management and training
  • Prevention of your dog or puppy from developing this habit
  • Provide a nutritious diet formulated for your dog’s breed, age and needs.
  • If your dog is hungry feed him a little more food
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out a medical or health condition
  • Clean up a your dog’s area  immediately following defecation
  • Use a leash to walk your dog allowing you to control your dog by leash or command to prevent him from eating poop
  • Give your dog praise or perhaps a small treat when he walks away from poop
  • Use products on the poop to deter the dog from eating it.  These can be found both medicinal and homemade products.

Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Homemade product recipes

Add 2-4 tablespoons of canned pumpkin to the food bowl daily.  Taste good when eaten but smells bad when defecated.

Teaspoon or Tablespoon, depending upon dog size, of canned pineapple, spinach, or pineapple juice to the dog’s food supply

Place meat tenderizer on the dog’s food.

Put lemon juice or hot sauce on the poop.

Multivitamin supplements for your dog are a good idea for dogs of all ages promoting good health and filling vitamin deficiencies which may be contributing to the problem of your dog eating poop.  Another excellent way to provided added nutrients to your dog’s diet is by adding fresh foods to your dog’s diet on a daily basis.   This will provide for variety at meal time as well as enhancing the meal nutritionally which will stop your dog from eating poop if it is due to a deficiency.  Fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fish, and cheese are all excellent choices.   For the best results your dog’s diet should consist of one part fresh foods and two parts dog food.

Does your dog have coprophagia habits? Learn how to stop them today!

Behavior modification by training, adding dietary supplements, and use of products on the poop alone or in combination can successfully stop your dog from eating poop.

Helpful products online

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Stop Dog From Eating Poop

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