Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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Yes, it is a fact that dogs including puppies have to relieve themselves.   The tough part is the communication difficulties and lack of knowing where and when is the right time to do this.

The dog really doesn’t have a care where they go when they have to go. It is us humans that have a problem and want to changes things.  With that said, let’s get to it.

Four elements to successful dog potty training methods:

  • Confinement
  • Training
  • Timing
  • Praise


Understand first the dog or puppy doesn’t know where the right place to potty is at.  The optimal confinement place is a cage or crate.  Do not leave anything in the bottom of the crate or cage this will only allow the dog or specifically the puppy to tear it up.

Usually the dog will not want to potty where he is staying.  The crate or cage should only big large enough for the dog to turn around.

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Dog Potty Training and Praise

Use of a leash during potty training can be helpful.   This allows the dog to stay close to you for supervision.  The leash will also help if you want to define the area you want the dog to potty at.


It can also be helpful to use specific words when you are taking your dog out to potty.  Simply, go potty, can be sufficient.  Other terms used have been Tinkle, get busy, do your business, and hurry up.

Whatever works use it.  But remember as with all training for dogs consistency is the key.  So choose a word or phrase and stick with it.

Another great word to use is every time you take your dog out repeat, outside.  Say it several times.

Overtime you will be able to ask your dog, do you want to go outside and the dog may run to the door wagging his tale in response.   Consistency and repetition is the key.

Once the dog goes potty in the right place you can use words again to reinforce the good results.  Wait until the dog is finished.  Often a dog will urinate and then defecate.

So do wait until the job is done.  Once done give your praise, YEAH potty!  Yeah.   You can also use words of encouragement like go poop, potty more.


Giving the dog or puppy freedom to run free after going potty in the right place is a great reward.  Of course the dog will still be highly supervised at this time.

To limit the area of freedom child gates are a great choice and inexpensive.   Another choice could be a leash attached to the dog’s collar.

The best timing for when the dog needs to potty is to anticipate.

The following estimate of how often a puppy should be taken out of the crate or cage to go outside to potty.

Age of the dog

Confinement hours before a potty break

2 months old

2 hours

3 months old

3 hours

4 months old

4 hours

5 months old

5 hours

6 months old

6 hours

In addition to the table above the dog or puppy should be taken outside to potty after an activity change including sleeping, eating, playing.

Be sensitive to changes in activities such as circling, sniffing, running around, just a different look.  These will become warning signs you well get to know and need to respond to.


Yes, accidents will happen.  So now what do we do? Don’t worry this too shall be okay.   If you catch the dog while going potty make a quick noise (clap you hands, say oh no,) use a voice of authority to show your dissatisfaction.  Bad dog, Do this outside.

Then let your voice change to a nice easy voice and say, let’s go outside, outside in a natural voice.   Once outside say Go potty, good doggy, go potty.  Keep your voice happy as he completes the job outside.

Just about the only way you can reinforce the fact he can’t go to the potty inside is to catch him going potty.   Otherwise he will not make the connection of what he has done.

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Final Words

Patience, consistency, patience, consistency,   No you got it.

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